Managed Testimonials and Case Studies

Sometimes it’s hard asking your customers for feedback about the product or service you have supplied. This information, however, is key to your business – both for planning, product development and training and in order to market effectively. Potential customers love to see how you have helped someone else BEFORE they take the decision to buy from you.

IRUN now offer a managed service – by liaising with you to ensure we have the correct information we then do the following (so you don’t have to!)

1) Phone your customers and gather feedback and information about their experience as your customer

2) Write a testimonial and case study based on the information provided.

3) Submit these documents to your customer for approval before finally providing them to you for use in your marketing activity.

And the service doesn’t have to stop there – we now have some great material for use in your monthly marketing activity – updating your website, publishing on your blog, and promoting it all via regular Social Media and Newsletter activity.

If you have some great customers out there who will gladly help YOU with your marketing… but you just can’t find the time to re-visit them and ask for their kind words… call us now on 01437 700124.

Remember we hope to help make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

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