Commercial Property Capital Allowances opportunity

IRUN are bringing to your attention potential opportunities in the little known form of Commercial Property Capital Allowances:

Under current UK legislation Commercial Property owners are allowed to claim back capital allowance tax relief against the plant & machinery (aka fixtures and fittings) element of their property, irrespective of when they purchased the property.

Currently 96% of Commercial Property owners in the UK have yet to use their full capital allowance tax relief!

Could you be one of these businesses? There are 3 simple questions which will qualify you for this potential tax relief and you can find them, along with more information, on our Blog.

If you own a Commercial Property please take the time read the information and contact us on 01437 700124 for more information.

ACT NOW! This legislation has recently been reviewed and your potential to claim is likely to be significantly reduced in April 2012.

Remember we hope to help make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

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