The August Newsletter

Do the summer holidays herald a drop in business for you? They do for many so don’t despair; instead use the opportunity for a spot of website housekeeping. Now is the time to hold your nerve, take a step back and review your most valuable business asset – your website.

So this month we are going to give you:

Holiday Homework to Heat-up your Website

Despite all the new fangled “stuff” around, the basic principles of a good business website still stand firm and implementing them is really very simple.

There is little point investing in activity to drive people to your website if you lose their interest once they are there.

Use the summer lull as an opportunity to review your website. Click here for some Holiday Homework that will help you identify areas on your website that need some attention.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our FREE WEBSITE REVIEW – just contact us by clicking here.

Websites that work

Business Development through websites is our business. Below are just a couple of examples of how an effective website has helped bring impressive results to three businesses in three very different industries.

Wembley Click and Park

Wembley Click and Park is an online booking website for parking facilities just a few minutes walk from Wembley Stadium.

The website was launched in June 2011 and had paid for itself in car park bookings within 2 months. The business owner is very pleased with the results and plans to increase visibility in the future with additional Search Engine Optimisation of the site. He says:

For the full case study of this project please click here.

Headway Shropshire

Headway Shropshire is an information website for those affected by ABI (Acquired Brain Injury).

The charity had an existing website, but the design was dated and they were not able to update it easily.

Under the guidance of John Minchell (IRUN Shrewsbury), the website was launched in 2010 and had an immediate effect on the charity’s members. Membership has increased by 38% and they have gained over £1000 already on postage savings and increased donations.

For the full Case Study of this project please click here.

Holiday Inn Express Folkestone

IRUN has been working with HI Express Folkestone for over two years, and during this time the hotel has seen impressive results in increased revenue and occupancy.

A successful partnership has developed between the proactive hotel management lead by General Manager Joseph Albanese, and the internet marketing expertise of Paul Bourdillon and IRUN Canterbury.

The independent hotel website now consistently generates more than 20% of the hotel’s revenue, and has recorded revenue of more than 11 times the investment in IRUN activities during 2010 alone.

For the full Case Study of this project please click here.

Remember, we are here to help so if you have any Internet Marketing topics you would like us to research for you just let us know…

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