The July Newsletter

In case anyone reading the blog missed the newsletter, here it is.

This month I am going to help you with Google Places. It’s no new phenomenon, but with Google constantly updating the way they work, it’s worth revisiting because it should be an important part of your internet marketing strategy. To enhance your Google Places listing, you also need to understand the importance of reviews and referrals which could make a huge difference to your bottom line!

So, what is Google Places?

Google Places is an extremely simple way of gaining the advantage in Google listings.

There is a strict verification process in place and because of this Google places enormous importance, and most of all TRUST in the information imparted in a Google Places listing, ranking them at the top of page one, above all else. This pushes other organic listings down the page so all your hard work gaining optimisation organically could be overthrown by competitors with Google Places listings. Just take a look at all the little Google pointers on the example below!

For hints on tips on why and how YOU SHOULD create a Google Places listing for your business click here.

The importance of Referral Marketing

Aside from repeat business, referral marketing is the single most cost-effective and most likely to convert way of making a sale. Leads from referrals are already warm; they are talking to you for two reasons:

1. They are looking for your product or service

2. You have delivered that product or service to someone they know and trust.

What some of you may not realise is that the IRUN Referral System can also help with your SEO as this web-based system is being highly ranked by Google, in particular with regards Google Places listings.

For more information on how the IRUN Referral System could increase your sales and profits read more here.

Remember we are here to make your life easy and make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

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