Database Development

Do you feel held back by the software that was supposed to make your work easier?

Do you get bogged down by an unwieldy spread sheet-based customer contact system, which worked fine when the business was small, but has now grown into something of a monster?

Or have you somehow ended up with a feature-rich package that seems to do everything apart from the one thing you really need?

Thankfully Melford Marketing can help through the creation of powerful tailor-made, database-driven software applications including:

  • Stock control systems from order to delivery and reordering of replacement stock
  • Workflow systems
  • Financial reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Modernised customer databases
  • Organised customer database
  • Joined customer databases
  • Even creation of databases with information that YOU need, not just what the software         provides

We can provide these because we do the following:

  • Line of Business Applications
  • Database Driven Web Applications
  • Commercial Websites, fully optimised and written by professional copywriters
  • Competitive website analysis
  • Website on line market research, especially useful for Beta sites
  • Online Retail and e-Commerce
  • Telemarketing and CRM solutions
  • Painless testimonial gathering
  • Specification Writing
  • Microsoft Access Databases
  • Working Methods
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Managing your internet presence for maximum return

Your application is developed to the highest quality and latest Microsoft standards, using Rapid Application Development techniques to reduce time and cost. All of our databases are Access-based and easy to convert into SQL, meaning you are not beholden to an existing provider, should you wish, or need, to change provider.

We take the time to understand your industry, your business, your challenges and your goals, so we can discover the ways we can add value, and provide a powerful software solution, which enables you to get on with what you do best.

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