Testimonial and referrals

Not JUST An Internet Marketing Specialist or A Business Development Consultant, Customer Service is critical in today’s business environment. In an increasing number of sectors it’s not optional, it’s a regulatory requirement.

  • How do business owners discover what customers really think about their business. What do they think needs to be improved?
  • How can they comply with regulatory requirements AND generate more sales as a direct result?

The answer is to use the IRUN Referral System – tried and tested, it delivers what the regulators require, and makes a huge contribution to increase sales and profits – how does it work?

  1. Ask customers and prospects what stood out about the service delivered by the business, using our unique feedback system.
  2. Use words of praise (testimonials) in customer communication via Social Media, via the business’ website(s) and other marketing material.
    This increases word of mouth referrals AND increases search engine prominence to generate more sales enquires (leads).
  3. Published, positive, up to date testimonials are one of the most powerful tools you can use to convert sales enquiries into customers.
  4. Clients will typically be working on various projects to improve customer satisfaction. How are they doing? Systematically ask customers and prospects for feedback, they will tell you what’s important and how the business is doing.
  5. From experience, if you ask what stood out, customers will say something positive. Ask them what the business can do better and they will tell you – this is almost certainly the most valuable item of information the business can possibly have.
  6. Having obtained customer feedback, by asking a simple question, “who would you recommend…” inevitably results in more word of mouth referrals.

“The Referral System has brought in 20% of extra business for us and is the only advertising we carry out.”

Grant Wearn, G &L Maintenance Limited

Very few businesses systematically ask for feedback and those that do, totally get it wrong. The solution is simple and straightforward, and the key to making the system work in the real world is to automate the process.

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