Commercial Property Capital Allowances opportunity

IRUN are bringing to your attention potential opportunities in the little known form of Commercial Property Capital Allowances:

Under current UK legislation Commercial Property owners are allowed to claim back capital allowance tax relief against the plant & machinery (aka fixtures and fittings) element of their property, irrespective of when they purchased the property.

Currently 96% of Commercial Property owners in the UK have yet to use their full capital allowance tax relief!

Could you be one of these businesses? There are 3 simple questions which will qualify you for this potential tax relief and you can find them, along with more information, on our Blog.

If you own a Commercial Property please take the time read the information and contact us on 01437 700124 for more information.

ACT NOW! This legislation has recently been reviewed and your potential to claim is likely to be significantly reduced in April 2012.

Remember we hope to help make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

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Managed Testimonials and Case Studies

Sometimes it’s hard asking your customers for feedback about the product or service you have supplied. This information, however, is key to your business – both for planning, product development and training and in order to market effectively. Potential customers love to see how you have helped someone else BEFORE they take the decision to buy from you.

IRUN now offer a managed service – by liaising with you to ensure we have the correct information we then do the following (so you don’t have to!)

1) Phone your customers and gather feedback and information about their experience as your customer

2) Write a testimonial and case study based on the information provided.

3) Submit these documents to your customer for approval before finally providing them to you for use in your marketing activity.

And the service doesn’t have to stop there – we now have some great material for use in your monthly marketing activity – updating your website, publishing on your blog, and promoting it all via regular Social Media and Newsletter activity.

If you have some great customers out there who will gladly help YOU with your marketing… but you just can’t find the time to re-visit them and ask for their kind words… call us now on 01437 700124.

Remember we hope to help make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

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October newsletter-Linked In suggestions

We are well and truly settled into the last half of the year and now is the time to start working on your marketing strategy for 2012, giving you plenty of time for planning and implementation. For this coming month only, we are offering a Business/Marketing Review to help!

To assist with your marketing / business development efforts this month we are focussing on the importance of LinkedIn in business:

Generating New Leads on LinkedIn

In comparison to Facebook, which is the “pub lounge” of Social Media (relaxed, chat a bit), LinkedIn requires a more professional approach to ensure that your business gets the most benefit from your activity.

Follow these 6 ways to use LinkedIn and you should see great results in lead generation for your business:

LinkedIn Answers: This is a section in LinkedIn where people who want to ask questions about business go to get advice. And guess who’s giving the advice? You are, because you’re an industry-insider with a lot of helpful knowledge. Using this approach one business generated more than £40,000 additional revenue over the course of a year.

LinkedIn Applications: One of the more interesting places to visit on LinkedIn is the Applications area. This is where you can go to add new and interesting apps that will improve the experience people have on your LinkedIn page. By adding your blog posts, what books you recommend or even setting up simple surveys you can make your LinkedIn page far more interesting and informative.

LinkedIn Groups: You should definitely join several groups on LinkedIn. Don’t just join the obvious groups, it’s also worth joining groups outside your industry that might help you grow your business. Networking, whether face-to-face or online, is all about establishing relationships with as large a reach as possible. For example, if you are an accountant, in addition to joining accounting groups you should also join groups for business owners, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs and other groups outside your immediate circle.

LinkedIn People: This is great for sales people, people looking for jobs and business-to-business owners who want to get their foot in the door of a large corporation. Just do a search in the upper-right-hand box for your target company. Click on the company. Now, on the right hand side, you’ll see a box that will show you your first connection (also known as a direct connection) and your second connections. Assuming you have no first or direct connections, click on the second connections link. This will bring up a list of names of people at your target company. At the bottom of the profile, you’ll see a list of your shared connections. From that point on, it’s a doddle – just ask your friends to introduce you via LinkedIn to the people at your target company and you will have the introductions you need.

LinkedIn Direct Ads: LinkedIn has an advertising program that can be used to drive new prospects to your landing page, LinkedIn group or other destination. The ads work the same way Google paid search ads work and can be a valuable source of leads if managed correctly.

LinkedIn Mobile: If you haven’t already downloaded it to your smart phone, just go to your app store and download it for free. The LinkedIn mobile app is best used when you’re at a trade show or an event where you’re making one-on-one contacts. During a conversation with a prospect, ask them to turn on LinkedIn on their smart phone. Then, bump your phones together lightly. If their settings are correct, LinkedIn will transfer your contact information between phones using Bluetooth.

… and don’t forget the basics – update your profile, set up a personalised URL (go to “Edit Profile”), add your Twitter profile and connect with as many people as possible on a regular basis.

Business / Marketing Review

In October and November we are again offering a free business / marketing review (limited to first 5 requests only I’m afraid). We will provide a brief survey to help understand where your key opportunities lie. This will be followed by a conference call with members of the IRUN business development team to help identify how these opportunities may be maximised. If you would like to undertake this review please let me know by email or call on 01437 700124.

Remember we help make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

If you would like us to cover any topics at all, then please just ask, we’ll do all the research to save you the time.


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September Newsletter

With the summer holidays over for another year now is the time for some serious business developoment. No more long languishing lie-ins! To help you keep ahead of the game, and to help you plan for the future, this month we are covering a couple of hot topics:

New Legislation you must be aware of – Cookies

As a website owner (and we as website developers) must heed the new legislation regarding the use of Cookies on websites.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a code that is put by a website onto your browser to store information, i.e. login details, language choice or even tracking what sites or web-pages you have visited.

Strict new legislation was introduced in May 2011 with regards Cookies (or similar), which must be complied with by May 2012.

Please click here to read more

Plan your Marketing

“To fail to plan is to plan to fail”

An old adage but oh so true in the business world. In the minefield of marketing your strategy depends on so many things… your products or services, your competition, your target market… your budget!

We have found an extremely useful tool which might help you focus your mind and help you plan your marketing strategy.

It’s called the Marketing Map – more info here

ATweet little Tip

Last but not least… if you are tweeting we have found an organisation on Twitter who will help you build your followers list… keep an eye on @PurpleDogNet.

Remember we are here to make your life easy and make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

If you want us to cover any topics at all, then please just ask, we’ll do all the research so that you don’t have to!

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The August Newsletter

Do the summer holidays herald a drop in business for you? They do for many so don’t despair; instead use the opportunity for a spot of website housekeeping. Now is the time to hold your nerve, take a step back and review your most valuable business asset – your website.

So this month we are going to give you:

Holiday Homework to Heat-up your Website

Despite all the new fangled “stuff” around, the basic principles of a good business website still stand firm and implementing them is really very simple.

There is little point investing in activity to drive people to your website if you lose their interest once they are there.

Use the summer lull as an opportunity to review your website. Click here for some Holiday Homework that will help you identify areas on your website that need some attention.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our FREE WEBSITE REVIEW – just contact us by clicking here.

Websites that work

Business Development through websites is our business. Below are just a couple of examples of how an effective website has helped bring impressive results to three businesses in three very different industries.

Wembley Click and Park

Wembley Click and Park is an online booking website for parking facilities just a few minutes walk from Wembley Stadium.

The website was launched in June 2011 and had paid for itself in car park bookings within 2 months. The business owner is very pleased with the results and plans to increase visibility in the future with additional Search Engine Optimisation of the site. He says:

For the full case study of this project please click here.

Headway Shropshire

Headway Shropshire is an information website for those affected by ABI (Acquired Brain Injury).

The charity had an existing website, but the design was dated and they were not able to update it easily.

Under the guidance of John Minchell (IRUN Shrewsbury), the website was launched in 2010 and had an immediate effect on the charity’s members. Membership has increased by 38% and they have gained over £1000 already on postage savings and increased donations.

For the full Case Study of this project please click here.

Holiday Inn Express Folkestone

IRUN has been working with HI Express Folkestone for over two years, and during this time the hotel has seen impressive results in increased revenue and occupancy.

A successful partnership has developed between the proactive hotel management lead by General Manager Joseph Albanese, and the internet marketing expertise of Paul Bourdillon and IRUN Canterbury.

The independent hotel website now consistently generates more than 20% of the hotel’s revenue, and has recorded revenue of more than 11 times the investment in IRUN activities during 2010 alone.

For the full Case Study of this project please click here.

Remember, we are here to help so if you have any Internet Marketing topics you would like us to research for you just let us know…

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The July Newsletter

In case anyone reading the blog missed the newsletter, here it is.

This month I am going to help you with Google Places. It’s no new phenomenon, but with Google constantly updating the way they work, it’s worth revisiting because it should be an important part of your internet marketing strategy. To enhance your Google Places listing, you also need to understand the importance of reviews and referrals which could make a huge difference to your bottom line!

So, what is Google Places?

Google Places is an extremely simple way of gaining the advantage in Google listings.

There is a strict verification process in place and because of this Google places enormous importance, and most of all TRUST in the information imparted in a Google Places listing, ranking them at the top of page one, above all else. This pushes other organic listings down the page so all your hard work gaining optimisation organically could be overthrown by competitors with Google Places listings. Just take a look at all the little Google pointers on the example below!

For hints on tips on why and how YOU SHOULD create a Google Places listing for your business click here.

The importance of Referral Marketing

Aside from repeat business, referral marketing is the single most cost-effective and most likely to convert way of making a sale. Leads from referrals are already warm; they are talking to you for two reasons:

1. They are looking for your product or service

2. You have delivered that product or service to someone they know and trust.

What some of you may not realise is that the IRUN Referral System can also help with your SEO as this web-based system is being highly ranked by Google, in particular with regards Google Places listings.

For more information on how the IRUN Referral System could increase your sales and profits read more here.

Remember we are here to make your life easy and make your phones ring by qualified prospects wanting to do business with you now!

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The Power of Databases

Eyes tend to glaze over when the subject of databases arises, but they are one of the most powerful tools for marketing there is. You can think of a database as a group of names, be they existing customers, potential customers, contacts or suppliers, and they are probably on a spreadsheet somewhere; in a standard accounts package; or even a heap of business cards in the corner.

But how many of us actually take these names and write (physically or electronically) to them to remind them about ourselves and what we do, or suggest additional products they could buy. Think of Amazon, once they have your details and in what you are interested, they will be e mailing you with suggestions for other products.

Taking your contact names and putting them into a suitable database takes a bit of effort initially, but once you have them there, its an easy task to keep them up to date. You can then start e mail marketing and of course you have total control, as you decide how often, to whom, and what subject you wish to cover.

Of course, once the database is up and running, it makes life easier in other areas as well. You will know at a glance which customer buys what, so you can start targeting your customers with specific products by phone or in person.

If you do not use a standard accounts package such as Sage, then its worth considering obtaining a simple database programme, written say in Access, to prepare your invoices, purchase orders etc. using your database of names. This will speed up your administration, improve accuracy, keep an electronic record, and provide summaries of your activities. Fortunately, you do not need to purchase Access as the developer will install a free version.

So your existing “database” can increase sales and lower costs! No wonder so many marketing gurus reckon its a company’s most important asset!


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Database Development

Do you feel held back by the software that was supposed to make your work easier?

Do you get bogged down by an unwieldy spread sheet-based customer contact system, which worked fine when the business was small, but has now grown into something of a monster?

Or have you somehow ended up with a feature-rich package that seems to do everything apart from the one thing you really need?

Thankfully Melford Marketing can help through the creation of powerful tailor-made, database-driven software applications including:

  • Stock control systems from order to delivery and reordering of replacement stock
  • Workflow systems
  • Financial reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Modernised customer databases
  • Organised customer database
  • Joined customer databases
  • Even creation of databases with information that YOU need, not just what the software         provides

We can provide these because we do the following:

  • Line of Business Applications
  • Database Driven Web Applications
  • Commercial Websites, fully optimised and written by professional copywriters
  • Competitive website analysis
  • Website on line market research, especially useful for Beta sites
  • Online Retail and e-Commerce
  • Telemarketing and CRM solutions
  • Painless testimonial gathering
  • Specification Writing
  • Microsoft Access Databases
  • Working Methods
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Managing your internet presence for maximum return

Your application is developed to the highest quality and latest Microsoft standards, using Rapid Application Development techniques to reduce time and cost. All of our databases are Access-based and easy to convert into SQL, meaning you are not beholden to an existing provider, should you wish, or need, to change provider.

We take the time to understand your industry, your business, your challenges and your goals, so we can discover the ways we can add value, and provide a powerful software solution, which enables you to get on with what you do best.

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Testimonial and referrals

Not JUST An Internet Marketing Specialist or A Business Development Consultant, Customer Service is critical in today’s business environment. In an increasing number of sectors it’s not optional, it’s a regulatory requirement.

  • How do business owners discover what customers really think about their business. What do they think needs to be improved?
  • How can they comply with regulatory requirements AND generate more sales as a direct result?

The answer is to use the IRUN Referral System – tried and tested, it delivers what the regulators require, and makes a huge contribution to increase sales and profits – how does it work?

  1. Ask customers and prospects what stood out about the service delivered by the business, using our unique feedback system.
  2. Use words of praise (testimonials) in customer communication via Social Media, via the business’ website(s) and other marketing material.
    This increases word of mouth referrals AND increases search engine prominence to generate more sales enquires (leads).
  3. Published, positive, up to date testimonials are one of the most powerful tools you can use to convert sales enquiries into customers.
  4. Clients will typically be working on various projects to improve customer satisfaction. How are they doing? Systematically ask customers and prospects for feedback, they will tell you what’s important and how the business is doing.
  5. From experience, if you ask what stood out, customers will say something positive. Ask them what the business can do better and they will tell you – this is almost certainly the most valuable item of information the business can possibly have.
  6. Having obtained customer feedback, by asking a simple question, “who would you recommend…” inevitably results in more word of mouth referrals.

“The Referral System has brought in 20% of extra business for us and is the only advertising we carry out.”

Grant Wearn, G &L Maintenance Limited

Very few businesses systematically ask for feedback and those that do, totally get it wrong. The solution is simple and straightforward, and the key to making the system work in the real world is to automate the process.

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Welcome to the blog of Melford Marketing, a CRM consultancy based in West Wales.

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